spicy   Hot & Spicy


(Serve with Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice)
V1. Vegetable Delight 8.95
spicy V2. Szechuan String Bean 8.95
V3. Green Jade 9.95
spicy V4. Yu Shang Eggplant 9.95
spicy V5. Salt and Pepper Tofu 9.95
spicy V6. Five Flavor Tofu 9.95
spicy V7. General Tso Vegetarian Chicken 11.95
spicy V8. Spicy Lemon Grass Tofu 9.95
spicy V9. General Tso's Tofu 9.95
V10. Sesame Tofu 9.95
V11. Bean Curd Home Style 8.95
V12. Mixed Vegetables w. Vegetarian Chicken 11.95
V13. Grandmas, Smoked Tofu with String Bean 10.95